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Rene Furterer

When it comes to Hair Care, Rene Furterer is at the top. Founded 60= years ago in France, Rene Furterer became a Pharmecutical Company focused on Scalp & Hair Health through Natural Ingredients. We can't say enough about the quality of this brand.


AG Haircare

AG was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1989. AG's products are all well balanced, lack harsh chemicals and salts. From their Natural Line to their Classic Formulas, you can't go wrong with AG Haircare.



From our hometown Santa Barbara, Olaplex has taken the hair world by storm with its' Patented Bonding Technology. If your hair is stressed from Chemical Services, Heat, Environment or your Curls are Dry & Weak... Olaplex will help get your hair back into shape FAST.

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