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Joel Patrick | Owner

Hello, I'm Joel, and I've had the privilege of spending an incredible 35 years in the dynamic world of the salon industry. My journey has taken me from the cozy confines of small local "Mom & Pop" shops to the luxurious realms of high-end boutique salons in Santa Barbara, Montecito & Beverly Hills, allowing me to accumulate a wealth of experiences and accomplishments. Here's a snapshot of my career thus far

Notable Achievements & Experience:

  • Early Beginnings with Dé Cut Hair International: I embarked on my career as a personal assistant to the renowned Master Stylist/Colorist, Hans Wolf, at Dé Cut International. This experience laid the foundation for my journey into the world of hair.

  • Ventura & Santa Barbara: While at Dé Cut, I also worked as a stylist in both the Santa Barbara and Ventura Dé Cut locations, honing my skills and gaining valuable insights into the industry.

  • Joining Kevin Charles: After my time at De Cut, I received an invitation from Kevin Charles to join his team as the Lead Colorist at the Kevin Charles Salon, nestled in the Four Seasons Biltmore in Montecito. This was a pivotal moment in my career, as it allowed me to refine my craft with a discerning clientele.

  • Training with Frédéric Fekkai: During my time with Kevin Charles, I had the privilege of training and working at Frédéric Fekkai's prestigious Beverly Hills Salon. Here, I learned from L'Oreal Master and Frédéric's Head Colorist, Nancy Braun, an originator of the Balayage technique. I also had the opportunity to style hair for high-profile events like The Oscars, Oscars Fashion Preview, Tommy Hilfiger/VH1 Race to Erase MS, and The Golden Globes as a part of Frédéric's team.

  • Continuous Learning: My commitment to excellence led me to pursue additional education with industry giants such as Master Stylist Yosh, KMS, Bumble & Bumble, Wella, and Schwarzkopf.

  • Salon U: After six transformative years at Kevin Charles, I knew it was time to bring my vision to life. I founded Salon U in Santa Barbara, a 2300 sq foot salon that doubled as an art gallery. Salon U was a vibrant and modern space that not only delivered exceptional hair services but also hosted art openings and charity events, embodying my tagline: Hair, Art, Culture.

  • NOVO: My latest venture, NOVO, represents a new vision. After a break from salon ownership, I seized the opportunity to acquire the salon where I worked. NOVO is a cozy boutique salon, smaller in scale compared to Salon U, with a team of highly skilled stylists. Just like its predecessor, NOVO showcases local and international artists' work on its walls, and art reception events are on the horizon.

  • Expertise in Hair Care: Along my journey, I've acquired an in-depth knowledge of hair care ingredients, learning from top chemists like Hans Wolf and Aris Koroyan. I also played a pivotal role in the development of Sudzz FX haircare. At the Four Seasons, I collaborated with JAFRA's chemists to assist Kevin Charles in creating his own haircare line. Additionally, I developed the in-house brand, U Essentials, when I founded Salon U.

  • Well-Rounded Knowledge: My diverse career has cultivated a well-rounded understanding of hair, combining current trends with a strong foundation in classic styles. My ultimate goal with every client is to craft a natural, effortless look with timeless appeal.

I'm truly passionate about the world of hair and beauty, and I'm excited to continue my journey in NOVO, where I aim to provide a clean, modern, high-end yet welcoming experience combined with the industry's best products. I thank everyone who has been and will be a part of my incredible journey through the salon industry.

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