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Samara| Hair Artist

Samara’s career has been filled with valuable advanced training with top talent in the industry beginning in Beauty School and didn’t stop there. 


While working to get her license in Los Angeles, Samara had the privilege of working with industry legend & icon, Samuel Lappin. Samuel was responsible for the development of standardized timed hair color. Before Samuel’s breakthrough technology color wasn’t timed to achieve the end result. Samara’s time as an understudy of Sam, allowed her to gain vast knowledge of Hair Color and how it works on a technical level as well as the art of application. Samara & Samuel worked side by side at numerous Industry Hair Shows where Sam would perform and teach Hair Professionals in the art and science of Color Corrections. 


Samara eventually moved up to San Francisco where she had the privilege to again work with another hair icon, Hubert Bronze. Hubert owned several high end salons in the Bay Area from the late 80’s into the 90’s. 


An opportunity came up for Samara to move and do hair in beautiful Hawaii, so she set sail for warmer weather and more training with a diverse clientele. While in Hawaii Samara honed her skills on Asian and South Pacific hair textures to help round out her arsenal of techniques.


It was finally time to head back to the mainland when Samara ended up in Santa Barbara, CA. After landing in SB she quickly built a reputation as a highly skilled Stylist & Colorist that has the ability to work with all hair textures. Her passion for knowledge and keeping up with the most current techniques has continued her entire career with numerous Master Cut & Color classes from top Industry Pros.

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